On the pulse

On the pulse

High-speed data collector with triaxial sensor sets new standards.

  • FAST – Measurement up to 4 times faster than industry standard

  • EASY – Intuitive operation thanks to the graphical user interface

  • ALL IN ONE – Comprehensive data collection at one push of a button


A metrological evolution from every angle

  • Technical inspection of the Olympia Looping prior to Oktoberfest

  • Vibration measurement on a powertrain of the Olympia Looping

  • Measurement on a fan with VIBSCANNER 2

  • Vibration measurement on a pump in a wastewater treatment plant

  • VIBSCANNER 2 with case and sensor

  • Automatic measurement point detection with VIBCODE

  • On the measurement route with VIBSCANNER 2

VIBSCANNER 2 – Fast and Comprehensive Data Collection

Getting the most data out of your assets within limited time helps managers to focus better on plant reliability. Watch our Video and discover how fast and easy it gets with VIBSCANNER 2, the high-speed data collector by PRUFTECHNIK.

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Product description

FAST: Thanks to its forward-looking measuring principle and parallel acquisition of measurement data, the VIBSCANNER 2 vibration measurement device collects all relevant machine condition data at the push of a button: measuring times are up to four times faster.

EASY: The handling of the device has been designed in such a way that even new or untrained personnel can effectively perform a reliable measurement – and this without any training.

ALL IN ONE: Depending on the filter setting, VIBSCANNER 2 measures overall values, spectra and time signals synchronously in 3 axes. In combination with a triaxial sensor, the vibration data collector provides even more condition information for each measurement location at the push of a button.

When a machine's RFID tag is scanned with the integrated RFID reader, the device displays the next measurement location along with the position and measurement direction and ensures that no measurement location is overlooked, mixed up or incorrectly processed. The automatic RPM determination based on the vibration signal makes the use of an RPM sensor superfluous.

From many different angles, the VIBSCANNER 2 is a metrological evolution. The touch display is shock-proof, high-contrast, and glove-enabled. The ergonomic design ensures fatigue-free work and is suitable for right and left-handers. Thanks to the long battery life of 10 hours, the measurement task becomes even more care-free.

Using the OMNITREND Center condition monitoring software makes VIBSCANNER 2 the omni-functional solution for complete offline condition monitoring of rotating equipment

Collecting and analyzing machine data efficiently

1. The maintenance specialist creates the measurement route
2. The measurement route is transferred to the VIBSCANNER 2
3. The employee on site carries out the measurement route
4. The measurement data is transferred into the OMNITREND Center for analysis
5. The maintenance specialist analyzes the data and initiates corrective measures.

Brand new VIBSCANNER 2 is to break all speed records

With five successive loops, the now world-famous “Five Looping” or “Olympia Looping” at Oktoberfest is one of the world’s largest mobile roller coasters. However, to ensure complete safety at all times, all drives, brakes and every line need to 100% function – in warm and cold conditions as well as when it’s dry or wet! PRUFTECHNIK helps ensure such complete safety at the world’s largest public festival.

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